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jesse corressDr. Jesse Corres is a world-renowned, sought-after resource speaker on facial rejuvenation, cancer, acne and dyspigmentation. An American Board Diplomate in Plastic Surgery, with interests in cosmetic surgery, facial cancer surgery and acne/pimple treatment, Dr. Corres came from humble beginnings as the eldest of ten siblings of public service-oriented parentage, mother/teacher Anacorita and father, World War II guerilla leader, Francisco. He did various menial jobs as a self-supporting student. Inspired by a brother, born with cleft lip and palate and a sister with bilateral cleft lip, Dr. Corres was determined to become a plastic surgeon to find out the cause and treatment of these deformities that are so prevalent in the Philippines.

After graduating from Cebu Institute of Medicine (formerly CIT College of Medicine), Cebu City, Philippines and passing the Philippine licensing boards that year, he “fly now pay later” to New Jersey, USA as a foreign exchange student. Recruited by Dr. Abdul H. Islami, Medical Director of Saint Barnabas Medical Center, considered at that time as one of the best cleft lip and palate centers in the world, he trained under the tutelage of Dr. Lyndon A. Peer and Dr. John C. Walker for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. With added training in Cancer Surgery at Sloane Kettering Memorial Hospital in New York, he moved to Chicago, Illinois where he set up his private practice. He became an attending plastic surgeon in four hospitals, including Mount Sinai Hospital and as an affiliated Assistant Clinical Instructor of surgery, Rush Presbyterian Medical School.

Dr. Corres, an American board certified plastic surgeon, was elected President of the Philippine Medical Association of Chicago in the mid-80’s during which he became the Founding President of the International Medical Council of Illinois(IMCI). The IMCI was a coalition of 16 different ethnic societies of international medical graduates (formerly referred as FMGs) which became the sounding board and lobbying arm against previously xenophobic issues and policies on international medical graduates. These lobbying activities, both in Illinois and in the Halls of Congress in Washington, DC helped pave the way in gaining the respect and parity with its local US counterparts. Other activities include serving as President of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of America; Board Member, Association of Philippine Practicing Physicians of America; American Medical Association, Illinois and Chicago Medical Society; New York Academy of Science; Marquiz’ Who’s Who, International Hair Restoration Society, American Anti-Aging Society, Latin American Association of Cosmetic Surgeons, Philippine Association of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons, among other things. He is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions from medical associations and civic organizations including Rotary, Lions, Zonta Clubs, as medical volunteer or resource speaker taking him to different parts of the world including Argentina, India, Israel, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, Philippines and the United States of America.

After doing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for almost two decades and fully cognizant that surgery or laser alone cannot be the answer to facial rejuvenation, he searched the world over and developed JENOR corrESthetiques skin rejuvenation program. It is a science-based comprehensive, skin-restoration program for people wanting to look their best without laser or cosmetic facial surgery. It helps improve skin texture, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne or acne prone skin. Its proper application may even prevent warts or sun-related skin blemishes. He authored PIMPLES AWAY which is becoming a handbook for teens, high school and college students, purposely and mostly written in simple, understandable non “medicalish” format. Its emphasis is on complication prevention (scars, pigmentations, body image changes, etc). Purchasers of the book have the added benefit of availing online consultations via Chat/Facetime/Skype, as well as answer or advice (jnc1024@gmail.com) should questions arise.

Dr. Corres was privileged to help his parents educate all his brothers and sisters, including the formerly deformed siblings (now a doctor and a nurse), while the others are all successful in their own respective professions. Together with his wife, Nora, their pride and joy is conducting free medical/surgical missions 3 or 4 times annually for the past 30 years, where congenitally or traumatically deformed patients are given a second leash of having productive and normal lives. He attributes his success to the help and support of his understanding family, daughters Christine, husband David with children Avery Cayla, Caden Jesse, Elise; Jennifer, husband Jason with children Raquel, Payton, Kierstin, Reese, Chase Jenson; youngest daughter, Jacqueline, and his wonderful, fabulous & ever-loving wife, Nora, who also serves as his ever-ready surgical nurse, critic, model and oftentimes his live specimen for his research projects.

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