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angelina l franciscoStarting out as one of the participants in 2012 PASS (Pilipino American Social Service) Calendar Moms, an annual social service fundraising activity for the purpose of sustaining its noble objective of giving assistance to our aging population, Angie instantly saw and felt the need of this organization and found her niche to tap human and financial resources in a unified effort for doing a humanitarian service for the seniors. As PASS’s Calendar Mom, Angie made a record-breaking history as a participant when she almost single-handedly raised $12,000 through souvenir program advertising and dinner guests, considerably a huge success for the organization’s annual efforts in getting the social service going and moving for its daily subsistence. Gifted with a keen foresight, Angie reluctantly accepted the chairmanship of 2013 Calendar Moms when it was offered to her by Dr. Virgilio Jonson, PASS President. The rest is history. For the first time in PASS’s history of its fundraising activities that there was a volunteering person that successfully raised more than $60,000 for the organization. How did Angie do it like a turbo-like race-car champ? Innovatively, she added a kick-off activity before the awards presentation, and even solicited the participation of Dads and a Grandma for the first time, together with the participation of Calendar Moms, at the recently jam-packed PASS’ annual fundraising presentation held last November 10, 2012 at the Hilton Hotel in Rosemont. This was featured in VIA Times’ December 2012 issue. What drove this enigmatic lady Angie to exert so much effort and energy in helping PASS in its struggles? Her personal reason was in honoring an old family friend, Mas Norte, who passed away last August 2011 (but she could not attend the funeral as she was vacationing in the Philippines). Max, who served as PASS’s Executive Director for a couple of decades, had dedicated many volunteering hours and years to PASS. Her humanitarian reason is, of course, for the purpose of assisting and attending to the needs and welfare of the indigent seniors of our community, a calling from the deep recesses of her heart. PASS, under the hands of this super-duperly innovative Woman-of-the-Hour has two recent successfull fundraising events, namely, PASS’s premier fundraising Fashion Show sometime in April 2013, featuring 25 fashion models from the past and current Calendar Moms participants, and 2014 Calendar Moms Gala Presentation held last October 26, 2013. Indefatigable and relentless in her own source of energy, that’s how Angie is. A widowed lady who’s currently enjoying her single blessedness, Angie’s humanitarian passion through helping PASS has seen its fulfillment. Angelina Layug DeLeon Francisco, more popularly known as Angie in our community, finds solace for her personal joy as a loving mother to her son Allan and daughter Yvette, and as a doting grandma to her three pixies of granddaughters, Faith, Grace. and Trinity Vo. PASS or Pilipino American Social Service is a non-profit, non-political 501c-3 organization with noble objectives of providing assistance to the people, more particularly to the seniors of the community through counseling, referral service, consultation in health and immigration issues and food distribution. Angie was nominated by Dr. Virgilio Jonson.

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