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Joi Rufina Longalong Hunter Mutya ng Pilipinas Illinois 2019

Stunningly beautiful, svelte, statuesque, sexy, smart, and very keen in her pursuit of righteousness and fairness in the world she lives in, this biracial beauty, of African-American and Filipino heritage, is very much assured of what she wants to contribute for and share with her millennial generation.

At eighteen, Joi pursues a career in Nursing at Purdue University in Lafayette, Illinois, and plans to pursue her other interests further in the upcoming future. Her mom, former Sally Longalong from Nueva Ecija, is a nurse and health business entrepreneur in Chicago. Her father, Andre Alan, a lawyer,is of African America from Kankakee, Illinois. She has an older brother, Andre Alan II, who currently attends a law school.

Joi’s interests are playing tennis, acting and dancing. She also has special interest and natural talent in cooking.

Expressing a mature and conscientious outlook in life, Joi reveals herself by saying, “I come from a family that shows me so much love and respect for others, therefore, I want to spread and share the same traits to other people that I meet along the way. As a young member of my generation, I would like to raise my voice on how to keep the young adults away from prohibited drugs, bullying and harassment, and all kinds of life’s negativities. As an advocate for women empowerment,I would also want to use my ability in protecting women and trans-people who are abused physically, mentally and emotionally. I will take a stand to fight for what is good, right and just, and always be there to be of help to the victims.”

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