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Anna Marie Cambay Lisowski’s Fairytale 18th Birthday Celebration


By: Maria Girlie Pascual


Anna Lisowski and her parents, Tadeusz and Alicia Lisowski of Chicago, Illinois, would like to say thank you :

On behalf of my daughter, the celebrant Anna, my husband Tadeusz and I, would like to thank Gabriel Sinagra, Michael Dzielski, The Polish Band that played wonderful music “Po góralsku” or Polska music along with her cousin Gabriel who danced with Anna. The surprise dance with Ted and Anna was indeed the highlight of the evening!)

We would also would like to thank Giancarlo Angelo Regacho who created the program, Anna’s friends who worked hard, participated and donated their time and effort to learn the traditional debutante’s waltz and the very lively Filipino “tinikling” performance. A big thank you to the friends and dancers Zoe Searle, Jasmine Leatherwood, Michaela Garcia, Crystal Clavijo, Pamela Sandoval, Melanie Soto, Hazell Velasquez, Angel Quevedo, Rafael Quevedo, Jason Hernandez, Isaaq Khader, Alvaro Duchitanga, Tony Boy Tan Capistrano.

Thank you to my sister and Anna’s Godmother for her help, along with her aunts, cousins Allen Cambay, Lheann Whitt and Paulo Mark Regacho, and friends. We also would like to thank a professional and talented woman, Maria GIrlie Pascual of Via Times who emceed the program and introduced the debutante beautifully. Finally, a heartfelt thank you to my family, my sister Elizabeth Cambay Regacho, the sponsors and Godparents for participating in the programme, and all the wonderful guests who came to help us celebrate the 18th birthday of Anna Marie Cambay Lisowski. Salamat Po!

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