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I Am An Octogenarian


By: Veronica Leighton


Iam an octogenarian (80’s) and celebrating my birthdays since seems to be getting more fun, as I continually look at myself as still the same as when I was in my 50’s (my most favorite adulthood birthday as I knew what I wanted in life and what to aspire for then).

My sweet grandson frankly told me, “Lola, that’s very old.” Some people still continually call me “Tita” instead of “Lola” as it’s quite hard to change the titles they are used to addressing me. Very nice adjectives as “iconic”, “legendary,” “inspirational,” “role model” follow most introductions about us.

At this beautiful age, we have attained a strong mind and tough will-power (though the physical body is getting weaker) as we’ve gone through a lot of tough adversities and adversaries that have been thrown along our pathways to build up our whole persona with true grit.

Unfortunately, we also have lost some loved ones along the way, dear people who left us grieving and missing their presence in our sad existence. But, fortunately, we have true friends that stay with us, comfort us, support us, and love us, as we will find out that walking alone is the loneliest thing to experience in life though it makes us the strongest person alive.

I am thankful for my family and friends who have cheered me up, lifted me up, and shared with me their love, concerns, and cares through spoken words, missives, and gifts. Your presence and thoughtful acts of kindness and generosity are always appreciated. (VVL)


Veronica Leighton is a lady with powerful words. Why powerful? Because she mixes her words with action and she does it with dignity. I am amazed by how she took care of her business of 40 years and still going on; how she cared for her friends for so long and they are still with her until now.

Some bashers talk against her but since she knows in her heart, “you cannot please everyone but just go on and do the tasks at hand” .

Her focus for progress and happiness is more important in her life than her detractors. I am impressed!

Last year, I was invited on her birthday and on the invitation said it was her “18th” birthday! I didn’t ask why, I just thought she just wanted to feel young. However, when she sent me an invitation this year stating that it was her “28th” birthday, “ I told myself, last year was 18 and now it’s 28th, Hmmmm “kakatakataka, sistah!“ I just thought that it was her 63rd birthday, at least the way I see her. But, to my surprise, at a gala- like birthday celebration she had last Sunday, June 5 at the Drake Hotel Oak Brook, Kentucky Derby-Themed Party, she said, “Of my 82 years of my life”……Ohhh what? I was so surprised!!! That human body is 82 years old?, yet she looks so young and she talks like she’s in her mid 50’s /60’s! How beautiful and blessed is that?

Miss Veronica, thank you for showing to us, how to be brave, how to be elegant, how to be joyful even before 83! You just know how to Stand Up just right for Veronica Leighton’s standards….a beautiful soul that I admire a lot. I thank God for letting me meet someone like her.

The “28th” Birthday party celebration at the Drake Hotel in Oak Brook surely speaks so loudly of the gorgeous persona of the celebrant VERONICA!

(Rita Carino Cueter, loving mother of Brigitte Cueter, CPRTV’s new Newscaster)

Vivacious Exceptionally Remarkable One & Only No One can do such, Imaginative & Creatively Accomplished, Veronica’s taste depicts Excellence & Elegance making her guests/friends (the young ones… young once upon a Time & the Wanna-be-young…LOL) experience the ambiance of Beauty & Wisdom. This is One of My many memorable treasured memories of Via Times/CPRTV Gorgeous V, May you continue to influence greatly the CommUnity you are called to serve.

Rev. Nancy Abiera, your greatest fan for over 38 years. I Am An Octogenarian I will always remember your kindness, fairness, and love.

I will always celebrate your birthday! Thank you for being such an amazing woman!

(Nick Vera Perez, NVP1 World)

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, intelligent mentor, powerful, and successful Fil-Am Chicago woman. One of the most respected women in the Asian community, our Executive Producer CPRTV, Publisher and Chief Editor of ViaTimes Newsmagazine, Ms Vero Leighton! Wishing you more birthdays to come!

Girlie Pascual


Veronica with sisters Net, Iquit and Rhodora and cousins Gloria and Hector. at Boston Seafood Restaurant in Wheeling, IL.


With family, son Bobby, wife Christy, grandkids Maya and Christian and Abuelita Medrano at Sakura Glenview.


With friends Jane Palomar and Ruth Juachon at Gibson’s Steakhouse State Street.


With Cristina and Rey Nonato at BluFish Park Ridge.


With sister Neneth and friend Nenita de Leon at Harry Caray Des Plaines.


With friends Gloria Sguros and Gerry Rebello at Roka Akor Old Orchard.


With friends Sarah Turner and husband Glenn (not in picture) and Gerry Rebello at Perry’s Steakhouse in Schaumburg.


With Nick Vera Perez at Peninsula Hotel Shanghai Garden.


Friend & VT columnist Jan Paul Ferrer hosted an impressive dinner at exclusive membership Metropolitan Club on 68th floor of Willis Tower, with friends Girlie and James and Gerry.


Siam House Niles dinner hosted by Girlie Pascual with friends Don & Flor Kramer, Elizabeth & Elbert Regacho, James and Gerry.

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