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It Is Hard To Be A Woman


By: Veronica Leighton


You must think like a man, Act like a lady, Look like a young girl, And work like a horse.

On this celebration of International Women’s Day, the above quote is a favorite ode that has been plastered in my office for many years. When things really feel out of control, I just read it with a smile, then back to all my tackles.

This March issue has brought me all kinds of challenges that have never happened in my almost forty years in my publishing career. With the Covid fear numbing everyone’s minds these days, am in the same path of mind except that I try to use common sense and science when I got hit with a nasty, long-winded coughing, coupled with dizziness that has drained my energy to almost zero. This is in the midst of our deadline, mind you.

Trying to cure your sick self while facing the deadline is hard enough, what more when you also have to nurse a very sick husband who cannot even walk or sit up due to dizziness and nausea? How about watering his “babies,” his potted plants daily that have been displayed around our windows in the apartment? You try to write something, nothing comes out of your mind, try to edit, you feel you’re at a loss as mind is blank, you try to type but you always hit on the wrong buttons, you try to walk a few paces, somehow, mostly takes you to walk backwards or sideways instead of forward.

If you’re reading this issue by now, that means we have made it through it all, triumphantly, in this March issue. First thing, we thank our Lord Jesus for always being there and giving us strength. Here’s a special LOVE mention to a couple of people who have been there for support and errands for us…my son, Bobby Leighton, and friend, Robert Chavez.

Welcome to our new columnist in this issue, who is starting his maiden column, titled “Faith Factor” on page 19. Senior Pastor Edward Cortez of Faith Family Worship Center located on 6535 W Barry Ave., Chicago, IL 60634. He served in the US Navy and retired in 2012 after 20 years of honorable service.

Enjoy our beautiful March cover, featuring very pretty young girl Brigitte Carino Cueter, our new CPRTV Newscaster. Of course, enjoy as usual, your favorite columnists’ exciting topics in their special columns. Happy Easter to all! Happy omen’s Day to all Women out there of different colors, races, careers and outlooks in life! ##


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