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Death Due to Greed and Power


By: Joe Mauricio



In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, certain elected officials and behindthe- scene billionaires in the United States have been proposing a scheme wherein the elderly, the otherwise vulnerable, or just plain out of luck, are to be sacrificed upon the Altar of Greed and Power. The proponents will realize with their final breath that there is no treasure on this earth or beneath it with the loss of these souls.

The economy is far more likely to respond positively to a calm and sober leader who is able to reassure the nation that he is more interested in protecting the people he was elected to serve, more than anything else.

In short, if someone from the elite scientists and billionaires really want to kill grandma/grandpa at the behest of a geriatric brat, maybe they really want to do it. While greed is their official portfolio, all manifestations of human depravity and barbarity exist anytime.

It’s compelling to point out that this notion of combating the deadly and preserving the economy are somehow diametrically opposed ventures and simply does not reflect the realities of life.

It’s nice to hear that some of us embrace the idea that some number of innocent souls dying in unspeakable pain is a reasonable price to pay for ensuring that the wealthiest of society continue unabated to accumulate more riches than they can ever dream of spending. Life is not fun anymore when they have reached the pinnacle of wealth. What is there left for them to do? Clean up the earth by killing the elderly and the unborn fetuses first.

Facilitating untimely death of millions of people would result in aforementioned pay-off for the elites. Mass death is a hell of negative extendability.

Laborers and workers, key components of these economies, tend to function better when there aren’t refrigeration trucks parked outside hospitals and funeral homes to handle all the corpses, a very common scene in this pandemic.

Like what most demons want to relate to the enlightened, a life of insufferable, literally hellish COVID-ful of eternal sufferings.###

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