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Hollywood Actor and Filipino -American Director / Producer Collaborate in an Upcoming Film ‘TITLEHOLDER’

Dallas, Texas – Hollywood actor Cory Kays and Filipino-American Director and Producer Danny Aguilar, President and Founder of Carpe Diem Pictures based in Dallas, Texas USA collaborate in an upcoming film “TITLEHOLDER.”

Written by and stars multi-award-winning Hollywood actor Cory Kays, ‘Titleholder’ follows the journey of an American Boxer who struggles to make ends meet with his boxing career in the United States. He travels to the Philippines under the aide of his Filipino childhood best friend and experiences authentic Filipino culture including, beauty pageants, karaoke, basketball, and of course boxing. While there, he falls in love with an aspiring beauty queen as he begins to figure out what he’s fighting for.

Film Details:


Genre: Sports Drama, Romance

Tag Line: “Everyone needs something to fight for.”


A street-tough American boxer travels to the Philippines to enhance his skills and unexpectedly falls in love with an aspiring beauty queen.


Blanco, a street-tough American boxer, contently makes his living as a journeyman fighting in rundown bars, gymnasiums, and small convention centers. Tired of seeing him battered for little to no money, his best friend Alvin asks what he is fighting for – a question Blanco is unable to answer.

Alvin encourages Blanco to relocate to the Philippines in order to train under to the tutelage of Benjie, the pupil of Alvin’s late grandfather. Initially resistant to the idea, Blanco embarks on a journey into the Philippines which begins with a standoff against a confrontational cock-fighting rooster.

He is then thrust into Filipino culture by Benjie and Alvin’s grandmother, Victoria. Benjie arranges for Blanco to be an honorary foreign judge at a local beauty pageant where he awkwardly meets Luzviminda, an aspiring beauty queen. The two begin an unlikely friendship budding into romance.

Blanco and Luzviminda find themselves on the same path to redemption leading to a coveted beauty pageant and a hostile boxing showdown with current champion, Magtanggol. Two titles are on the line as Blanco begins to learn what he is fighting for.


Actor Cory Kays


Director and Producer Danny Aguilar

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