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The Foundation for Filipino Women’s Network (FWN) Book Launch in Chicago

October 14, 2023 – Carlucci Restaurant Rosemont

The Foundation for Filipina Women’s Network (FWN) is the organization for the Most Influential Filipina Women Awardees. They are leaders in the public and private sectors from 34 countries selected yearly from a worldwide search for Filipina women with a track record of accomplishments with a lasting global imprint through their work in their professional fields, industry sectors, and local communities. They are nominated by their peers and selected by the award selection team of awardees from previous years. FWN seeks to increase the influence of Filipina women as leaders and policymakers to increase the odds that more Filipina women advance to the C-suite influential positions in the private and public sectors.

FWN held a book launch and dinner on October 14th at Carlucci Rosemont. The event was organized by Maria Fides Balita, FWN Ambassador – US Midwest and also a co-author. The book, titled Disrupt 4.0 Filipina Women: BEING, examines the leadership philosophy, styles, and traits of Filipina women leaders in complex diaspora environment through individual life stories. It has 36 authors from 14 countries. Disrupt 4.0 was initially released on October 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal, and has had several book launch events in 2023 organized by FWN Ambassadors and Board Members in places such as Manila; San Francisco; Toronto, Canada; Los Angeles; Benguet University; Vienna, Austria; and Chicago.

The Chicago Disrupt 4.0 book launch was graced by FWN Founder and CEO Marily Mondejar (San Francisco), authors such as Lucy Reyes (Canada), Edith Winterhalter (FWN Ambassador – Los Angeles), and Geri Zeldes (Michigan). Guest readers include Malve Ildefonso (Los Angeles), and from Chicago include Gayle Floresca, Theresa Icalina, Veronica Leighton/Pastor Nancy Abiera.

HUGE THANK YOU to the following individuals for all your help: Prichy and Lei for registrations/ flow, Arvin for photography, Corey, Emer, and Rosie for set-up, Ralph as usher, Franklin for the banners, Gen, FWN Fellow for the presentation deck. The event ran smoothly because of your assistance. Kudos to Maria Balita for organizing the Chicago book launch! The event was well attended by friends, colleagues and family. FWN appreciates your support! Disrupt book series is available on Amazon, Kindle, and Kindle unlimited. Please get your copy.


iDsrupting Chicago invitation and Disrupt 4.0 book launch details.


Maria with guests Thom Viloria, Emil Yumol, Archi Flores, Melesa Lamdagan, and Richard Yamomo.


Maria with guests JayR Castaneda – ISFFA Chicago Chapter President (2021-2023) and Ivy Pineda – ISFFA Chicago VP Public Relations.


Group photo of Authors and Guest readers (Left to right): Pastor Nancy Abiera, Veronica Leighton, Maria Fides Balita, Edith Winterhalter, Malve Ildefonso, Marily Mondejar, Lucy Reyes, Geri Zeldes, Gayle Floresca and Theresa Icalina.


Guest reader – Gayle Floresca and husband Arvin Floresca, with Maria Balita.


Maria with guests Rosie, Corey, Ralph and Emerson Balita. Also with Prichy Balita and Lei Lagamon.

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