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  • COVID-19, a Thief in the Night

    COVID-19, a Thief in the Night

    By: Veronica Leighton   Like a thief in the night, Coronavirus caught millions of people by surprise, and left some paralyzed with shock and fear, and some dead, unfortunately. The ...

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  • Coronavirus Latest Updates

    Coronavirus Latest Updates

      New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that nearly 20 percent of confirmed COVID-19 cases between mid-February and early April were health care workers. ...

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  • Census 2020 vs. Coronavirus

    Census 2020 vs. Coronavirus

    By: Joe Mauricio   The Super Virus COVID-19 is upending the 2020 Census, disrupting an already-fragile operation that faces immense challenges in counting the minorities and mainstream groups in America ...

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