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Grocery Giveaway at Seafood City – October 8, 2022

(Second round of donations by Humanitarian Dr. Willie Wilson of Chicago — Coordinated by Jocelyn Needer)

Dr. Willie Wilson says, in a mini-interview with Veronica of Via Times/CPRTV at the Grocery Give-away at Seafood City….

“This is our second time again here and hopefully back again next month. We are glad to be here as inflation is high, gasoline prices are going back up, and so we want to make sure we reach certain communities in need. We are giving away to 8 grocery stores and 5 gas stations today. I do this because the Lord allowed me. I believe that if he blessed you and you have resources to help others, we have to be able to reach others. That’s why I do what I do. We’ve been doing this for about 30-35 years and we’ve been giving about 70-80 million dollars.”

Congrats and thank you to our first participant in line Wilma Bondoc at Seafood City Grocery giveaway; With all the volunteers and special guest Tita Vero and Gerry Rebello; and Seafood City store manager, Sol Uson.

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