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Feast-Dating With God


By: Nancy Abiera


And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.” Genesis 1:14

The word “seasons” in the above text means “appointments” i.e. fixed time or season; specifically, “festivals” or “feasts”.

In a more contemporary saying, it is God’s date or set appointed time for us to meet with Him. In other words, it is His time to visit and court us.

Many people celebrate a number of feasts or festivals like Christmas, New Year, Easter, Feast of St. so and so, etc.

However, many fail to celebrate the true “Feast of the Lord”. Thus, there are many “no show” dates with God and we missed out on God. In Leviticus 23, there are seven feasts and in the year 2018 (year 5779 in Hebrew calendar), it is set as follows:


Passover – March 31*

Unleavened Bread – April 1

First Fruits – April 2

Pentecost – May 20-21*

FALL FEASTS Trumpets-Sept. 9-11

Atonement -Sep. 18-19


The first four feasts were in the spring while the last three feasts are all in September. Those with asterisks: Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles are the major Feasts of the Lord. God commanded us to remember, celebrate and rehearse these feasts until Jesus comes back again.

Note that the Feast of Trumpets is the New Year or New Season otherwise known as “Rosh Hashanah”. This was the time when God created the earth and mankind.

The following ten (10) days are the days of awe. This involved preparation, reflection and repentance. It is known the Feast of Atonement or “Yom Kippur”. This feast is to “Atone” meaning, God making us “at-one” with Him.

During the Old Testament times, the priest goes into the Holy of Holies every year to sacrifice and bring offerings to cover and cleanse us from our sins.

In the New Testament, Jesus is our perfect priest who paid for all our sins once and for all. He even tore the veil and gave us access to the Holy of Holies.

The Feast of the Day of Atonement is the holiest day of the year as Jesus finished His work on the cross paying all the sins of mankind. His righteousness made us right with God. We were all covered by Jesus’ blood shed on the cross making our hearts pure and clean for Him to dwell.

The Feast of Tabernacle or “Sukkot” symbolizes Jesus indwelling/ residing in us.

In commemoration of God’s people’s experiences covered by the “cloud by day” and “fire by night”, they crossed the Red Sea safely and victoriously showing God’s goodness, provision and protection. God guided them all through the journeys from Egypt through the divided Red sea; and into the Promise Land via the wilderness.

Note that there are many reasons for us to celebrate these Feasts of the Lord for our own benefit.

First, God commanded us so. Obedience brings blessings. Jesus’ opened the heavens for God’s presence bringing miracles, signs and wonders.

The Hebrew people turned from being Slaves to Free-men/ women; Bankrupt Egypt; poor to rich; Stuck to Crossing Red Sea;

Second, God wants to have a date with us to express His love and bless us. Imagine God asking us on a date? Father God, Son Jesus and Holy Spirit, three in one date is no comparison even with Prince Charming. Who may refuse such a high privilege to date the Trinity?

Third, He wants to re-set things so we can have new beginning or fresh start. He also wanted to cleanse and purify us to be transformed in His image and likeness so we can commune and be one with Him.

Fourth, He wants us to remember or rehearse His goodness so we can get used to this lifestyle until He creates the new heaven and new earth. These serve as reminders for us to totally depend on Him by practicing until God brings His perfection to us.

Moreover, as we rehearse, practice and celebrate the feasts, we are like living heaven on earth.

Let’s always remember to prepare and show up to have these dates with God and experience abundant blessings.

Remember to have open hearts and show up on those Fall feast dates:

T. Trumpets Sept.9-11

A. Atonement Sept.18-19

T. Tabernacles Sept.23-30 Note that there are additional 40 days of open windows before and after these set appointed times. Thus, open heavens started August 10 and extends till October 30.

I encourage us all to have these dates with God.

Always choose “On A Bright Side”.

I love you readers with the love of the Lord yet God loves you the most. Smile and be a blessing. . .

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