Publisher's Notes

  • Pride Day, Salute to Women of VT/CPRTV

    Pride Day, Salute to Women of VT/CPRTV

    By: Veronica Leighton   For the occasion of International Women’s Day (March 8), I would like to personally honor our talented women in VT/CPRTV family who have shared to our readers and TV audiences their unselfish devotion and dedication in print/ broadcast journalism through the years. For your information, we are likewise celebrating our 35th year in Via Times publication and 30th year in the Chicago Philippine Reports TV (CPRTV), ...

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About Our Cover

  • Nick Vera Perez The Name to Watch Out Via Times News Magazine Cover March 2018

    Nick Vera Perez The Name to Watch Out Via Times News Magazine Cover March 2018

    For many years, Mr, Nick Vera Perez has dreamt of making it huge on his own, with NO assistance from others. This is his greatest self-challenge which he rightfully so created and perhaps, progressively made. When asked, “How did you do it?” He claims, “it is all about perseverance, dignity, reputation and making your craft best at each time you showcase it.” Mr. Nick Vera Perez has learned the arts ...

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Editorial Cartoon

  • On School Shootings

    On School Shootings

    By: Joe Mauricio President Trump’s new plan to secure schools after last month’s slaughter of 17 students and teachers in Parkland, Fla., is chock-a-block with ideas, some worthwhile (strengthening background checks and restraining orders) and some half-baked (arming teachers). Most conspicuously absent is any call for banning semiautomatic assault weapons such as the one used in Parkland, or even raising the age to purchase them to 21 nationally — a ...

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CPRTV Channel

  • CPRTV (Chicago Philippine Reports TV) Interviews/Features…

    CPRTV (Chicago Philippine Reports TV) Interviews/Features…

    Joe Mauricio’s exclusive interview with Paul Davis, Former Editor of CPRTV, Lecturer in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Veronica Leighton’s exclusive interview with Gerry Rebello of Gerellie Productions, and Tom Padua of DragonHeart Ventures. Joe Mauricio’s on-site interview with Richard Felicelda, Chicago Filipino Asian American Hall of Fame 2017 Awardee, Man of the Year. Veronica’s one-on-one interview with Sean Worthington. He is the CEO of Cloudcoin. Joe Mauricio’s interview with Atty. ...

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  • First Centennial Mortgage

    First Centennial Mortgage

    MAKING THE DREAM OF HOMEOWNERSHIP A REALITY Whether you’re interested in purchasing or refinancing, we have a loan program to fit your needs. Together, we can discuss your current financial situation and future goals to figure out what will work best for you. Contact my team to find out which loan program best fits your needs.

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